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What my clients are saying....


Laura is the best to work with!! She walked me through all the different options and what she felt would work best for me. She picked out so many pieces, many things I wouldn’t have normally tried if I was shopping by myself (which is a good thing!). Then she was back and forth between the dressing room looking for different sizes if needed and giving great feedback on style and fit of all the things I tried on. She never pushed me to buy anything and was conscious of my budget! I will always use Laura when I need styling help!


I hate shopping for clothes. But I like looking somewhat fashionable. A conundrum indeed. Laura to the rescue! Laura has consistently given me tips and hints about things that will work for me. When I have a specific need, e.g., that perfect black dress for nice dinners and funerals, she sends a selection from in-store and online options, and I always find the right thing. But the best is shopping with her. She went to several stores in advance and picked out various pieces that went together (even across stores). Then we met at store one and she was my personal shopper! “This is too big, too small, I hate it, I love it and need more of it.” Whatever I needed, she ran and got it. She is way better than a mirror. Sometimes I am not so sure if something looks good or not. She always knows and after I’ve worn something once or twice, I always agree (mainly because I get compliments). Whether you love or hate shopping, it’s way more fun with Laura!!

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